Ontario Small Business Grant

Ontario is helping businesses recover costs for personal protective equipment and providing extra support for businesses required to close or significantly restrict services as a result of provincial public health measures.






The Township of Huron-Kinloss offers multiple programs for commercial business owners that operate a business in the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) area


Facade Improvement Grant


Up to $3000 (matching funds) for improvements to the front of commercial buildings




Storefront Sign and Awning Grants


Up to $1000 (matching funds) for perpendicular, flat, stand alone signs and/or awnings 



Community Energy Efficiency Grant

Up to $3000 for energy upgrades for the commercial business 

Infrastructure Works and Accessibility Grant


A tax incentive for up to 5 years if the commercial property undergoes a significant renovation that will affect property tax rates 


Building Improvement and Structural Grant


Up to $20 000 (matching funds, per property) to commercial property owners that propose significant improvement projects to prominent buildings, structures or key vacant property 



Marketing Grant


Up to $2 500 (matching funds) to encourage local business owners to update or create branding and marketing materials to be used to promote their business 


Spruce the Bruce

Spruce the Bruce builds vibrant communities through support of local businesses and municipalities. The program brings stakeholders together to create a vision for future growth and development and provides tools and grants to achieve that vision.





Starter Company

A program in Bruce and Grey Counties to help young entrepreneurs start their own business, or expand their existing business. Start Company offers financial support, individualized training, and mentorship opportunity. Participants take part in an individualized and unique training program, followed by the opportunity for participants to be recommended for a $5 00 grant. Participants who receive the $5 000 grant are supported by a mentor committee to encourage growth and enhancement of their business. 


Student Opportunities 

Summer Company 

Ontario program for returning students ages 15 to 29 to start up and run their own summer business. Successful applications can receive up to $1500 towards business start-up cost and another $1500 for successful completion of the program. The student also receives business training as well as hands-on mentoring and advice from local business people. 

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