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Content Marketing: Tips and Trends - Thursday, July 6 @ 12:00pm

In this workshop, you will discover the power of images and video in marketing and how to leverage them to effectively promote your brand or product.


You will learn:

-the psychology behind visual content and why it's so effective in capturing attention

-generating engagement

-driving conversions


You will also explore the various types of visual content available, such as photos, graphics, videos, and animations, and how to create compelling visuals that align with your brand and messaging.


Through real-world examples and interactive exercises, you will gain practical skills and knowledge to use visual content to enhance your marketing strategy and

achieve your business goals, beginners are welcome.

Unlocking the Secret to Digital Success for Your Business with 519 Web - Thursday, October 12 @ 12:00pm

Is your business struggling to get noticed online? Let’s unlock the secret to digital success with organic local SEO strategies. Join us to learn how you can implement some simple strategies to help you get found more often in local searches.
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*These events are from regional organizations and The Hub. Click on event to access registration link*
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